atez professional Services

atez professional Services

We pride ourselves in providing quality service to all of our customers. No matter the project, large or small, rest assured the experienced ATEZ professionals will complete the project on time and on budget.

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Asbestos is naturally occurring building materials that are known cancer causing agents. These materials we used in common building materials such as insulation, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, adhesives and siding.

With more than a million species in the world, it is no wonder molds can be found everywhere. Neither animal or plant, molds are microscopic organisms that produce enzymes to digest organic matter and spores to reproduce.

Many houses and apartments built before 1978 have paint that contains lead-based paint and other toxic substances. Properties before 1960 have the most lead paint. Lead was added to paint as pigment and to speed drying, increase durability, retain a fresh appearance and resist moisture.

Safe and efficient demolition requires specialized equipment and unique skills and experience. ATEZ is fully equipped with a fleet vehicles and equipment to demo any interior quickly and with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Dry Ice Blasting is an effective and cost-effective Cryogenic Cleaning method for many industries and is highly effective in the removal of mold and is used for many other general cleaning applications.