Demolition Services

Safe and efficient demolition requires specialized equipment and unique skills and experience

ATEZ is fully equipped with a fleet vehicles and equipment to demo any interior quickly and with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. We have completed interior demolition projects ranging from small-scale residential room clean outs, to large-scale super-center retail stores.

Through our investment of trained demolition personnel, and the ability to provide our clients with multiple crews for hand demolition activities,ATEZ is able to provide environmental remediation services and interior demolition services, allowing our clients’ general contractor to proceed with renovation activities with the understanding and confidence that all areas impacted by the renovation have been cleaned of environmental hazards and former building materials.  We do this with an enviable record of safety, on time completion and sensible bid and pricing practices.

We service commercial, industrial, government agencies and residential clients.

Headquartered in Harrisburg, ATEZ Inc. is active in all of the Pacific Northwest. CCB 64090