Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is an effective and cost-effective Cryogenic Cleaning method for many industries

Blasting is used to manage production residues, release agents and contaminants. It is also very successful in stripping paints, oils and bio-films. Dry Ice Blasting is also highly effective in the removal of mold and is used for many other general cleaning applications. This dry ice blasting process is non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive. Dry Ice Blasting systems may therefore be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts or creating fire hazards.



How does Dry Ice Blasting work?

At minus 110 degrees Fahrenheit dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a colorless, odorless inert gas found naturally in our environment. For use in cryogenic cleaning the dry ice is manufactured in both blocks & pellets. These materials are put into the Dry Ice Blasting Machine’s hopper and are fed directly into the air stream via a patented rotary air lock. Various nozzles are utilized to deliver the blast media depending on the material to be removed & the type of substrate involved. A high pressure air compressor is used to supply the air to the Blaster which can result in nozzle velocity from mach 1.8 to 2.2. A Chiller Dryer is utilized between the air compressor & the Dry Ice Blasting machine to cool and dry the supplied air. An operator feeds the hopper and oversees the machine as the Technician operates the wand to actually remove the desired material.


Why use Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry Ice Blasting impacts and cleans a variety of surfaces using dry ice particles which sublimate (turns from a solid to a gas) on impact, leaving no media or secondary contamination. This environmentally friendly process is used to clean broad surfaces and complicated cavities where typical grit blast media can become trapped and may cause damage.


Who can benefit from Dry Ice Blasting?


Mold Remediation
Schools, Hospitals, Municipalities, Local & Federal Government, Homeowners and many more find that CO2 Blasting provides fast, safe cost effective solutions that can be completed in-place. This process cleans the mold infestation completely without damage to the substrate. In addition, difficult seams & cavities are penetrated & cleaned unlike utilizing conventional methods.


This non-abrasive CO2 process cleans turbine components, economizer fins, generator windings, insulators, transformers and more without leaving media. This patented cryogenic process removes up to 100% of contaminants in very short time frames compared to conventional methods. There is no negative physical impact on gasket materials or any mechanical components and system down time is minimized.

Disaster Recovery
CO2 Blasting is an effective in-place cleaning solution for smoke damage, electrical fires and other damaged substrates and items.

Food Industry
CO2 Blasting is recognized by the FDA & USDA as an approved cleaning method. The food grade CO2 we use for blasting disappears on impact, leaving no secondary waste. This allows us to clean many types of equipment in-place with no dis-assembly required.


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